Meet the Maker
Leah Eubanks Baker
 Moon Flower emerged back in 2016. I had become an accomplished mixologist / bartender but wanted to expand my creative outlets into something I was always passionate about - skincare. For years I battled with combination / acne prone skin and it occured to me that nature has all the answers and I started experimenting in my kitchen creating my own skincare. 
 I have always loved the outdoors, I grew up in the Ojai Valley " The Valley of the Moon"  in Chumash, running feral though creek beds and examining plants and loving all things mystical and magical (IE unicorns and crystals) I love to make beautiful things and add natural sparkle to many of my products.
 My facial oil Tiger Lily, my flagship product, completely transformed my skin so I decided to share it with others. The response has been so amazing! From there on, I continued to develop shimmering body oils using ethically sourced mica and cold pressed organic oils.
 I like to specialize in Plant oil based products using high quality ingredients, plant infusion and mixing essential oils. I love to make things seasonally and with ingredients available. I also love the art of perfumery , and am excited to have more products coming in the future!