Mineral infused Gua Sha Stone


It’s here!
A black magical stone with magical and practical
Properties! After much time pondering over the perfect Gua Sha tool I came across this beautiful stone with an incredible history .

Origins of the Bian Stone

Legend has it that Bian stone — a healing stone used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years — has its roots in a cosmic collision in ancient China. Per the folklore, a meteor struck the side of a mountain and the resulting blast created a special combination of stone and minerals with elevated potential for healing. Trippy!!!!

Because of the collision, Bian stone is said to emit ultrasound pulsations, far infrared rays, and negative ions, all of which are known for their antioxidant and anti-aging effects on our cells and DNA. It contains more than 40 minerals known to benefit overall health. It's also known to cleanse the aura and balance the energy body.

Use with Tiger Lily facial oil
As a Gua Sha tool
For the ultimate facial rejuvating, relaxing , reviving experience!

Gua Sha tips:

Move organically around your face starting with your neck to open up your glands to detoxify

Slide up and down your neck

Always move upwards to mimic gravity !

Slide across throat and chin

Wiggle gently along fine lines and wrinkles

Slide up your forehead into your crown and apply pressure

Apply pressure in between your brows and move up feels so good !!!

Slide vertically along laugh lines

Gently glide around orbital bone

Carve out cheek bones moving upwards

Move along your face in halves , do one side then the other